Jet-setting Across Greece

Greece is a sought-after travel destination, teeming with stunning landscapes, rich history, and charismatic cities. Accessing the wonders of Greece is seamless with the 15 international airports, primarily situated in cities and island destinations. These airports welcome flights from all corners of the globe, with both regular and charter airlines.

During the busy summer season, additional flights are scheduled to cater to the increase in passenger traffic, including direct routes to popular tourist spots. To make the most out of your travel, it’s recommended to seek information from airlines or tour operators before booking your flight.

Convenient Domestic Connections

Domestic air travel is a breeze in Greece, offering convenient links to every part of the country. Whether you’re heading to a bustling city or a serene island, you’ll find plane travel both speedy and comfortable. Moreover, fares are particularly affordable if booked in advance.

The Gateway to Greece: Athens International Airport (ATH)

Eleftherios Venizelos Athens International Airport, better known as ATH, is renowned as one of the world’s most modern airports, providing exemplary ground services. Since its launch in March 2001, ATH has earned a host of international accolades. It has a special place in the hearts of its visitors, with the airport being rated as one of Europe’s most efficient and comfortable.

The airport lies 33 km southeast of Athens, connecting to the suburban railway and metro, and serving as a hub for various bus routes. Convenient connections to the ports of Piraeus, Rafina, and Lavrion make it ideal for passengers headed to the islands on the same day.

Don’t forget to stop by the airport museum to discover more about Eleftherios Venizelos, the influential Greek politician for whom the airport is named. For more information about access and public transportation to and from the airport, visit the official AIA page.

Unraveling Greece’s Other International Airports

Greece also boasts an extensive network of other airports that host direct international and domestic flights. These include Alexandroupolis (AXD), Zante (Zakynthos) (ZTH), Herakleion (HER), Thessaloniki (SKG), Kavala (KVA), Kalamata (KLX), Corfu (CFU), Kefalonia (EFL), Kos (KSG), Lesvos (MJT), Lemnos (LXS), Rhodes (RHO), Samos (SMI), and Chania (CHQ).

Exploring National and Public Airports

For travelers wishing to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations, national and public airports such as Astypalaia (JTY), Volos (VOL), Ikaria (JIK), Ioannina (IOA), and many more provide excellent access.

Exploring Greece’s Transportation: Air, Land, Sea, and Rail Travel Options

Navigating Greece is remarkably simple, thanks to an extensive transportation network. By air, Greece offers an elaborate domestic air network, making travelling across the country a breeze. With 15 international airports situated in cities and on islands, plus 38 additional airports, it’s easy to find direct international and domestic flights. Opting for air travel in Greece is a fast, safe, and convenient choice, with reasonable fares available, particularly with advanced booking. For a more detailed look into Greece’s air network, click here.

If you prefer land travel, Greece’s bus network is operated by KTEL, providing safe and modern services. Each region has its own KTEL operator, ensuring connectivity within the region and to other main towns. You’ll find that every major town is linked to Athens and Thessaloniki, making bus travel a comfortable option for traversing the country. For more information on the bus network, click here.

Greece’s sea network is equally impressive, featuring a comprehensive ferry network that operates year-round, though more frequently from March until October. This sea network is key for island hopping and connecting islands to mainland ports. For more on Greece’s sea network, click here.

Lastly, travelling by train is an affordable and safe alternative. With approximately 2,500 km of railway network, Greece’s trains, operated by Hellenic Train, cover a substantial part of the mainland. The Athens-Thessaloniki line is an excellent choice, providing both express and regular train services. Discover more about Greece’s train network here.