Alonissos, a captivating island in the heart of the Aegean Sea, is known for its stunning beaches. Among its treasures, Kokkinokastro Beach, with its unique natural beauty and rich historical significance, shines bright.

The Unmatched Beauty of Kokkinokastro Beach

Kokkinokastro Beach, named after the red color of its surrounding cliffs, creates an impressive contrast with the turquoise waters of the Aegean. The beach’s red and white pebbles, the result of natural weathering, contribute to its distinctive charm. With the sunlight illuminating the cliffs and waters, this beach creates a picturesque, postcard-worthy setting.

The Lure of Serenity

One of the greatest attractions of Kokkinokastro Beach is its tranquil environment. Unlike some of the more commercialized destinations, this beach offers a quiet haven to relax and rejuvenate. Its inviting waters are perfect for swimming, while the pebbled beach is ideal for sunbathing or enjoying a picnic in the shade of the pine trees.

Dive into an Underwater Wonderland

For those who enjoy water activities, Kokkinokastro doesn’t disappoint. Its crystal-clear waters are perfect for snorkeling and diving, revealing an underwater world teeming with marine life. As part of the National Marine Park of Alonissos, the beach is a protected area that conserves a diverse ecosystem, making your underwater exploration even more rewarding.

Culinary Delights Near Kokkonokastro Beach

Your visit to Kokkinokastro wouldn’t be complete without indulging in some local Greek cuisine. Close to the beach, you’ll find traditional tavernas that serve delicious, home-cooked meals. Savor the fresh flavors of Alonissos, from seafood dishes to local cheeses, all while enjoying the stunning sea views.

Historical Significance: More than a Beach

What sets Kokkinokastro apart is not only its natural beauty but also its historical significance. The beach’s name, translating to “Red Castle,” alludes to the remains of a prehistoric settlement found on the nearby hill. A visit to the archaeological site takes you on a journey back in time, adding a cultural dimension to your beach escapade.

Exploring the Natural Surroundings

For nature lovers, the area around Kokkinokastro offers wonderful opportunities for hiking. Trails wind through pine forests, leading to breathtaking viewpoints where the red cliffs meet the deep blue sea. Exploring these paths, you get to experience the island’s biodiversity, adding another layer to your Alonissos adventure.

Stay close to Kokkinokastro Beach

A range of accommodations near Kokkinokastro Beach caters to diverse needs. From elegant villas with modern amenities to traditional guesthouses that offer a slice of local life, there’s something for every visitor. These accommodations, located within easy reach of the beach, ensure you start and end your day with magnificent Aegean views.


Kokkinokastro Beach is a true gem of Alonissos, encapsulating the island’s tranquility, natural beauty, and historical richness. Whether you wish to soak in the serenity, plunge into water adventures, delight in local cuisine, explore historical sites, or connect with nature, Kokkinokastro Beach promises an unforgettable Aegean experience.

Alonissos: A Serene Odyssey through Nature, Beaches and Timeless Greek Charm

Immerse in Alonissos’ natural splendor by exploring the National Marine Park, a sanctuary for rare seabirds, dolphins, and the endangered Mediterranean monk seal. Experience tranquility at Kokkinokastro Beach’s red cliffs and turquoise waters, and enjoy sun-soaked relaxation at the pristine Leftos Gialos Beach. Traverse the stone-paved alleys of Patitiri, absorbing the vibrant local culture and savoring traditional Greek cuisine. Finally, ascend to Chora of Alonissos, offering breathtaking panoramic views that perfect your island adventure. Alonissos promises an unforgettable journey through its unique blend of vibrant wildlife, exquisite beaches, rich history, and captivating views.